Animal Olympic stars: Faster, higher, further!

These animals could take part in an Olympiad and would easily win in different disciplines! In the picture series we show six extremely sporty creatures from the animal kingdom. Puma: jumps up to 5.50 meters high - Image: Shutterstock / creativex

Snow leopard: can jump 14 meters - Image: Shutterstock / Blucie Photo Pronghorn: 10,000 meters would be 12:30 minutes - Image: Shutterstock / Dennis Donohue Puma: jumps up to 5.50 meters high - Image: Shutterstock / creativex Blue marlin: swims up to 120 km / h - Image: Shutterstock / holbox Cheetah: only needs three seconds for 100 meters - Image: Shutterstock / Stu Porter Gorilla: Lifting 900 kilograms - Image: Shutterstock / Eric Gevaert

What humans can do, animals can do for a long time! In numerous athletics disciplines at the Olympic Games, the animals would not only win gold medals, but would also break several world records. A real powerhouse is the gorilla. The monkey would lift up to 900 kilograms when lifting weights. The strongest person comes to a miserable 260 kilograms.

Blue marlin and cheetah: Olympic sprinter

In the 100-meter sprint, on the other hand, Usain Bolt of the cheetah would only see the dust trail: the big cat tears off the hundred meters after only three seconds, Bolt needs almost ten seconds to do so. Swimming at the Olympic Games would be dominated by the Blue Marlin: its 120 km / h are set against the mere six to seven kilometers per hour of the best and fastest swimmers.

Pronghorn makes 10,000 meters in 12:30 minutes

The Puma would by far grab the gold medal and the world record in the high jump. The supple wildcat manages to jump 5.50 meters. The human jumpers are just 2.45 meters tall. Also impressive: the prong bracket. The distance run over 10,000 meters would end after 12:30 minutes. The Ethiopian record holder Haile Gebrselassie takes over 26 minutes.

Snow leopard: the long jumper among the animals

Last but not least, the snow leopard would be one of the stars at an animal Olympiad, because no one can fool the noble animal so quickly in the long jump. There are a total of 14 meters, while the top human athletes only get 8.95 meters.

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