Dog Emergency

  • Vomiting in dogs and cats - What to do when pets vomit

    Although it is a relatively common occurrence, vomiting in dogs and cats can, indeed, be an emergency - and steps must be taken as soon as possible to identify the ...

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  • Dog or Cat run over - 5 steps to help the pet

    A dog or cat run over always consists of an emergency, and it is necessary to take action as soon as possible in this type of occurrence; since the faster the ...

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  • First aid in case of allergic reaction in dogs and cats

    The allergic reaction in dogs and cats (especially when acute) is a very serious occurrence and can become an emergency, and if no action is taken ...

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  • First aid in case of dog or cat fall

    It is very common to hear that a dog fell from the slab or a cat fell from the window and, knowing that in these cases the help must be immediate is important, since all tutors must know how to proceed in cases of dog or cat fall and understand that , the sooner an animal that has ...

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  • How to act in cases of respiratory distraction in dogs and cats

    There are many signs given by dogs and cats that something is not right, and one of them is presented more clearly in the vast majority of cases: distraction ...

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  • Insect bites in dogs and cats

    It is common, in the home routine, for animals to feel uncomfortable with the presence of insects, and sometimes it is even funny to see a canine or feline trying to catch a bee. However, despite being apparently harmless, the insect bite in dogs and cats (like wasps, ...

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  • Sting of venomous animals in dogs and cats

    Regions close to rivers, lakes, dumps, forests, abandoned land without proper cleaning and constructions, animals are more exposed to accidents involving external agents, and the bite of venomous animals in dogs and cats becomes a real danger. ..

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  • Childbirth of bitches or cats

    What would be a magical moment, such as accompanying the birth of baby animals, could be to make it a real nightmare when we see the suffering of the young or their mothers and; therefore, it is essential that pet tutors know how the delivery of bitches or cats should be. Although ...

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  • Cardio-respiratory arrest (CRP) in animals

    A very important urgency in veterinary medicine is cardiorespiratory arrest (CRP) in animals, which is a sudden event and can lead to death of the dog or cat - it occurs differently from the cases in which there is already a natural evolution of worsening in occupation...

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  • How to identify and treat urinary obstruction in dogs and cats

    Urinary obstruction in dogs and cats is a very common complication in the veterinary routine, being triggered mainly by calculations or tumors that prevent the elimination of ...

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