What does your cat really need? Most cat lovers don't know about it!

These 5 tips will definitely improve your communication with your cat and help you better understand his cat's mind.

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The cat's needs are often unclear to the owners. Even a very experienced cat lover is sometimes surprised with new discoveries about his little cat. It might seem that cats are animals that know how to care for themselves best, but ... There are things that only we, as their companions, can provide them. If we neglect them, we expose the purr to psychological discomfort. It is not enough to take care of a healthy and balanced diet and adequate veterinary care. A cat's needs can be much more complex!

Everything worth knowing about cats

1. Stabilization and safe environment

The space in a cat's life is of paramount importance. His instincts are felt when something in the environment interferes with being a cat. Remember that these pets are natural hunters who love safe, dark nooks and crannies to hide in.

The amount of space that is available to the purr is also of great importance. What makes him feel safe in a given place? Above all, predictability and stability. Frequent changes in the place of residence can be detrimental to him. Why? It is because of a change in routine that disturbs the sense of security.

2. Peace of mind and area to guard

Cats have a habit of patrolling their territory. It's interesting that they often do it at strictly defined times! Usually, the time of the day when your purr wanders around the house, crawls under the chests of drawers or wanders around the shelves is not accidental. This is especially important in the case of "multi-cat" families, when the purrs are forced to share the area they occupy. Then there is a chance not to get in your way - when one cat is asleep, the other is the master of the occupied space. This is why it is important to maintain the stability of the territory. It is not only about the arrangement, but also about the repeatability or predictability of the events that take place within it.

It is therefore not desirable for your cat to bring home other animals, children he does not know, play loud music, etc. In this relationship, a certain amount of routine is welcome. Of course, you can't go crazy. It's not about shutting up with a cat and doing nothing. The point is only for our cat to know what can happen to him and where he can safely hide from it.

Everything worth knowing about cats

Cat Needs!

  • Do not bring home strangers too often.
  • Be careful how the children play with the cat.
  • Do not rearrange bowls and litter box unless really necessary.
  • Don't make sudden changes to your furniture.
  • Always give your cat time to get to know and accept the change.
  • Set feeding times that you will stick to.

3. Man and his own space

You might be the best cat parent in the world and want to give your purrs a prescription for all evil. Consequently, you cannot resist taking more orphans under your roof. Unfortunately, although you have good intentions, your first cat may not be delighted ... Each new tenant is a big challenge for him. You have to establish a hierarchy, division of territory and other important cat matters.

In addition, with each newcomer, the personal space of those who are already under your roof decreases. It's sad, but sometimes it is worth focusing on those purrs who already live with us and provide them with maximum stabilization. If you want to accept several cats under your roof, it would be good if they come to you simultaneously, preferably as kittens. Another way is to adopt a cat of the other sex - there is no guarantee that this will improve the relationship of unfamiliar cats, but it will often help more than harm.

Everything worth knowing about cats

4. Respect and understanding

Each cat has a different personality and that's what you need to love for. Efforts to change the cat forcibly will be futile or will make him feel uncomfortable in the company of his guardian. What does this mean in practice? Even if you don't pick a cat when it clearly doesn't like it. Do not take it from under the couch to show friends when it is clearly hiding from them. And the other way around - do not limit the social cat's contact with the world.

In short: you have to let him be himself. You don't always get a cat's ideal that will sleep snuggled in someone's neck, adopt funny poses and chase after toys. Regardless, you can't try to force him to change his character or force him to do things that he doesn't like and is not in his nature.

5. Incentives and activities

A cat is a hunter - so his instincts tell him to be alert and fit. Proper stimulation can help meet the cat's needs resulting from its natural conditions. He needs playful stimulation and difficulties to solve - something to help him use up his energy.

All toys, interestingly constructed scratchers and joint exercises will be helpful here. Mruczek will surely thank you for any activities that will stimulate his natural curiosity, hunting instinct and cat's senses.

Cat Needs? You already know them!

The cat's world is defined by him - his needs and way of seeing. A good cat keeper must be aware that he is not the center of the feline world. It is only one of its elements that can either strengthen the cat or, on the contrary, make him anxious and insecure. It only depends on him which side of the force he will choose.

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