What are the agility obstacles for cats?

Agility is not only fun with dogs, but also with cats! But which agility devices are actually available for our room tigers and what should you pay attention to when choosing? That's what our guide is all about.

You can make agility obstacles yourself or buy them at pet stores. It is very important that the devices are made of harmless material and are designed in such a way that the cats cannot injure themselves under any circumstances. In addition, not every cat likes all agility obstacles: try out which devices your pet likes, because the training should do one thing above all: be fun!

Tunnels and tires: popular agility obstacles for cats

The tunnel made of fabric is already a popular cat toy and if used as an agility obstacle, the cat will practice walking through the tunnel on command from a certain side. It is advisable to take a tunnel that is not too long, because it is simply too comfortable for the cat and could tempt her to lie down during training. Letting the cat jump through a small tire may not be an easy task, but it is worth trying because the tire, like training with dogs, is one of the agility obstacles.

For climbing and jumping: ladder, slalom, hurdles and steps

While the small ladder laid on the floor is about letting the cat bounce in between, the slalom is a course consisting of three to four poles. The cat should pass through the bars alternately as they walk through - usually starting from the right.

Cats at work: please do not disturb!

Obstacles are there to jump, of course, but should not be too high so that the joints of your room tiger are not strained unnecessarily. The step obstacle consists of a few steps up, a few down and should be properly crossed by your four-legged friend. You can combine all devices as required.

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