Study seeks to clarify causes of cancer in dogs

Gaining more and more importance and space of attention, veterinary medicine presents, every day, new and important data about the health of animals and the factors that can harm it; thus helping in the development of a series of studies and special researches that can, in a short time, bring several improvements to the life of all types of animals - including domestic pets, such as dogs and cats.

As a result, the Morris Animal Foundation (considered the largest American non-profit institution dedicated to research to protect, care for and cure animals) received a budget of US $ 25 million - the equivalent of almost R $ 59 million - to study the cancer in dogs, in addition to factors linked to heart disease and animal health more generally.

To analyze cancer in dogs in a deeper way, the foundation is working on recruiting around 3,000 Golden Retriever puppies to accompany them throughout their lives to collect data for the research.

According to the Morris Animal Foundation, periodic evaluations (which include collection for exams such as blood, urine and feces) will be carried out on the animals by veterinary professionals throughout the project - which will also include a detailed analysis of the coat and nails of the participating dogs, in search of factors that can help to clarify the emergence of the disease in dogs.

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Due to its higher incidence of the disease in relation to other canine breeds, the Golden Retriever was the great choice for the research: it will try to unveil both the factors that can influence the appearance of cancer in dogs and the veracity of the assumption that points out this specific race as genetically predisposed to the disease.

Another point that should receive a lot of attention during the study is dog food; seeking answers to reveal whether the animal diet it is also a relevant factor in the appearance of diseases and health problems in dogs.

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