Forget Jurassic World, Here Comes Jurassic Weenie!

As many of you know, Jurassic World opened last weekend and has created a frenzy over the internet, including a fantastic parody video that I can’t get enough of (see Jurassic Weenie below). Of course there’s no shortage of great parody videos. Here are some of my favorites for your viewing pleasure.

1. Jurassic Weenie
This video by Anna Schatte makes me think Dachshunds might be scarier than Dinosaurs!

2. Call me Corgi
The Pet Collective took on Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe and came up with this brilliant version.

3. Indiana Bones
Video by FinalCutKing tells the tale of the adorable Indiana Bones who’s looking for his lost bark. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: Indiana Bones: Raiders of the Lost Bark.

4. Catzilla
This video by WeAreMishMish, shows us what it would be like if cats took over the world (as if they haven’t already).

5. Tennis Ball
The Pet Collective is at it again, this time remaking “Wrecking Ball,” by Miley Cyrus. I keep on chasing tennis balls!

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Forget the dinosaurs, Wrangler and Scrambler steal the Jurassic show

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The flesh-eating dinosaurs may be the stars of the new Jurassic World movie, but there’s also plenty to satisfy the petrolheads among us.

While Mercedes got the gig of supplying all the new cars for the blockbuster, the real automotive star turns come from the Jeep Wrangler Sahara from the original Jurassic Park – discovered gathering dust in an abandoned garage – and leading man Chris Pratt’s Triumph Scrambler motorcycle.

Jeep 29, one of several deliberate nods to the film’s 1993 genesis, is the very same vehicle used to transport Jurassic Park’s owner John Hammond (played by Richard Attenborough) from the Isla Nublar Heliport to the Park.

The Jeep seeing action in Jurassic Park

Jeep 29 spotted ahead of filming for Jurassic World

Here it’s chanced upon 22 years later by hapless kids Zach and Gray in the ruins of the original visitor centre in the restricted zone, and used as a getaway car as the brothers flee from the film’s chief dino-villain Indominus rex.

It’s testament indeed to the Jeep’s resilience that all it took was a change of battery to see the car roaring off across the plains and out of (immediate) danger.

In Jurassic Park, the hardy Wranglers were used as staff vehicles to get about the park, painted in distinctive grey with diagonal red stripes, apparently to prevent the Triceratops from charging the cars.

The Wrangler was introduced by Jeep in 1987 as a replacement for the antiquated but much-loved Jeep CJ, which had served as America’s go-to small off-roader since the war.

With its off-road capabilities, and a 174bhp, 4-litre engine that can push it from 0-62mph in under 10 seconds, it’s clearly the perfect vehicle to escape the jaws of laboratory created hybrid dinosaurs – although maybe a roof would be useful…

Jurassic Park fans took to modifying their Jeeps, and the more colourful Ford Explorers used as park your vehicles, to create some stunning replicas.

And then there were those who decided to modify just about any type of car, with some less stunning results at times.

If you fancy having a stab at creating your very own Jurassic Jeep, you can pick up a good car of the right age for about £4,000.

Although the Explorer sadly doesn’t appear in Jurassic World, it does appear in this early publicity poster, and remains an iconic vehicle to film fans.

Early Jurassic World film poster

Not only can you pick up a used example from about £800 upwards, there’s also an online, step by step guide to creating your own Jurassic replica.

The Triumph Scrambler is another vehicle within reach of Jurassic World fans who want to play at being Chris Pratt riding alongside raptors chasing a man-eating monster.

Pratt’s adventures on the Scrambler, basically a modified Bonneville with added off-road abilities, will never quite be up there with Steve McQueen’s legendary Triumph TT Special from The Great Escape, but it’s still one the coolest scenes in the movie.

It’s also done wonders for Triumph judging by the response on social media – sample Tweet: “Now I desperately want a Triumph Scrambler in matte green. Thanks, Jurassic World.”

The Scrambler is first seen with a suitably oily and sweaty Pratt – raptor trainer Owen – tinkering with something or other when leading lady Bryce Dallas Howard (Claire) comes along to have an argument…

Chris Pratt fiddles with the Triumph in its first scene

Like Chekhov’s gun, the appearance of the Scrambler was a clear sign that it would be used in anger later in the film – and any prospective owner now knows it can keep pace on rough terrain with a pack of hunting velociraptors.

Powered by the 865cc parallel twin engine from the Bonneville, the Scrambler costs £7,899 new, with used examples typically around £6,000.

As for the Mercs, the film features a pretty cool G Wagen, a Unimog truck, a £60,000 GLE Coupe recently launched to rival BMW’s X6, and a humble Sprinter van – the only one most of us could probably afford to buy but wouldn’t want to.

When it comes to retro cool, the Wrangler and Scrambler are way out in front.

Get insurance for Jeep Wranglers and Triumph Scramblers from Adrian Flux and Bikesure.

The music of music track My Friend, The Brachiosaurus starts at the beginning of this scene.

The script introduces the scene like this:

The sun comes up over Jurassic Park. The danger of the night before is overcome by the sheer beauty of the place - - it really is like the Serengeti Plain. Over at the edge of a great open field, a huge tree marks the border between the open area and the thick of the jungle. [1]

But in the actual film just the tree from A Tree For My Bed is shot. This time there is a little more day light, indicating that it is early in the morning near dawn.

Both kids now curled up under Grant's arms, Grant appears to sleep too. That would contradict Grant's promise to keep watch all night. Therefore the script says he was "only a little bit asleep".

There have been numerous dinosaurs introduced in the Jurassic Park franchise ever since 1993, but these are among the best of the best.

Jurassic Park: You come for the dinosaurs, and you care because of the people. This means that most people check out about caring after the first movie (often considered a masterpiece) and just watch the rest to see the people get eaten. But at the end of the day, some pretty great dinosaurs were brought to life for some cool scenes throughout the franchise.

Here's a rundown of 10 of the best dinosaurs to join the roster in the franchise, based more on their screen presence and what they represent rather than the actual power or real-life creatures.

Watch the video: Jurassic Weenie. Official Global Trailer HD

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