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Often called Terriers-like toys, dogs Yorkshire Terrier they are not your typical sofa company. They are intelligent, courageous and independent animals, with an instinct to play all the time that makes them remarkable throughout the house.

Small and affectionate, the dogs of the breed are the type that for some time has already been graced by madams and socialites fans of taking their pets in the bag - however, their long coat and their captivating personality already conquer everyone wherever they go, making of this friendly little animal one of the most beloved and desired in the world.


THEYorkshire Terrier it was created in England in the middle of the 19th century (around 1850) and, although many say that its creation occurred due to the hunters' need, this is not a proven fact. The breed is the result of repeated crossings between different breeds; smaller and alert dogs, quick to hunt.

Coming from the area of ​​England that gives it its name (the largest county in the country, called Yorkshire), this dog has not defined the exact mix of breeds that were used to give rise to it, with a series of names from the terrier group appearing on the list of alleged 'parents' of the race.

Among the main suspects, we can mention breeds like Airdale Terrier, English Black Terrier, Tan Terrier and Clydesdale Terrier - with several others also on the list; since, according to what is known about the breed's origin, it was completely purposeful, being perfected through different and constant crossings in search of small specimens and with the characteristics of courage and intelligence of the terriers.

At first, the Yorkshire Terrier was quite successful among the bourgeois who inhabited the county, and the breed began to be presented at dog shows - being, outside of competitions, it was seen more often accompanying the most wealthy and luxurious ladies in the region. and England, in general.

With its popularization, the breed arrived in America and started to have its patterns discussed; since there were many (and significant) variations in size among Yorkshire, confusing the general public. Around 1900, it was decided that the small size of the animal would also be considered as authentic - generating great effort by many breeders to produce increasingly smaller and longer-haired specimens of the breed.


THE Yorkie, as he is known, is fun, affectionate, playful, curious. He likes to be pampered and gets along very well with children, as long as they do not pull on his hair and ears. They love to go out and take long walks and, because they are sleepers of a very high energy level, they need constant physical activities, so that they can spend energy and maintain their well-being.

Although it is affectionate, Yorkshire is also quite independent, and its attachment to owners may not be as extreme as when compared to other dog breeds. Tranquil most of the time, the dog of this breed interacts well with all types of people (whether children, adults or the elderly) and, although it can be a little shy when interacting with other animals, it does not usually show very strong reactions when in the presence from strangers or strangers - becoming a breed not recommended for a guard or alert dog (both for its small size and for its high level of receptivity when facing strangers).


THE Yorkshire Terrier it is a compact and small dog. It has a small head and V-shaped ears always raised. The tail is usually cut to medium size, but only in the few countries where this practice is still allowed. The hair is long, straight, shiny, fine and silky.

Specific care

The Yorkie is very mischievous and needs the owner to be firm in his decisions, otherwise there will be no way to change his bad habits. If your Yorkshire has long hair, it needs to be brushed and combed every day so that it is always well taken care of.


The Yorkie suffers the same problems as other small breeds, such as dislocation of the kneecap, tibial dislocation, spinal problem, congenital hydrocephalus. He is also prone to digestive problems and diarrhea.

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