Ball fun for the dog - but without risk, please

When playing ball with dogs, the right amount of things is important. Experts recommend that the four-legged friends are not chased for the ball too often or always in the same way. Most animals love variety just as much as we humans do and enjoy creative everyday work. Ball games with dogs: leisure fun for two and four-legged friends - Image: Shutterstock / Mila Atkovska

Ball games: how do i do it right?

Throwing the ball at your dog in the same way every day quickly creates boredom and risks health problems for your four-legged friend, as the joints can be affected over time by stopping quickly. In addition, hunting behavior in dogs with an innate hunting instinct can increase.

Therefore: Make playing with the ball as varied as possible, and don't just let your beloved four-legged friend chase after the ball monotonously. With a few games, you can kill two birds with one stone and address both your dog's intelligence and urge to move.

Varied ball games

It's the mix that counts: integrate ball games into the upbringing training with your dog. Give your dog the command for "sit" and praise him if he manages to stay in that position while throwing the ball. Only at your command should he start to get the ball. So that the fun is not neglected, you should not let it wait too long.

In the dog portal "Dogs-Magazin", veterinarian Dr. Volker Wienrich gave the tip to throw the ball from time to time on a secret mission, so that the dog does not see where it landed, but can only guess the direction. This trains the dog's instinct. A very joint-friendly measure is also to have the ball retrieved from the water.

What kind of balls are there?

It is very important when choosing a ball that it is stable and made of a dog-friendly material. Moss, natural or solid rubber is often used to make balls. They should not contain any toxic ingredients and should not be chewed if possible.

Choosing the right size is just as important. There are large and small balls that should fit in relation to the dog: if they are too big, he cannot retrieve them, if they are too small, they can be swallowed and there is a risk of suffocation.

You can also let your imagination run wild. You will find colorful balls, balls with a cute pattern, footballs or some with a ribbon for throwing in online shops and specialist shops. Floating balls, food balls or balls that make noises are perfect for making playing with the dog as varied as possible. Or how about an entire ball pool? For dogs who can't get enough of playing ball, the perfect gift!

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