Bombay cat character

The Bombay cat is a sweet tomboy with a lively, affectionate character. She looks like a little panther and sometimes almost behaves The Bombay cat looks a little like a mini panther - Image: Shutterstock / alybaba

like a dog.

Their small, strong build and the shiny black fur give the Bombay its characteristic appearance. In some ways, she's a little different from other cats.

The Bombay cat: always wants to be there

The Bombay is a cuddly, lively and sometimes almost intrusive cat. She likes to purr extensively and her trustworthiness is really remarkable. Don't be surprised if a representative of this breed suddenly jumps on your shoulder and makes yourself comfortable there - these four-legged friends like to do that. You just like the closeness of your people and enjoy dealing with children with their patient, cuddly manner.

Retrieve and learn tricks: No problem for this cat

The Bombay cat loves its people and is so affectionate and trusting that it often reminds of a dog. Other typical characteristics of the velvet paw also contribute to this: walking on a leash, retrieving and learning tricks is not a problem for many of the clever and eager to learn four-legged friends.

Small cat breeds: these are part of it

The rare cat breed also loves to play. If you want to do her a favor, practice a few tricks with her, because this is a lot of fun for most Bombay cats and ensures that they are physically and mentally well used.

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