Why do cats cover their eyes when they sleep

Why do cats cover their eyes when they sleep?

We don't normally think about this question, especially if we've ever kept a cat as a pet. We don't want to bother them or invade their personal space. So why, we have a feeling, did they make us cover our eyes?

There are some good reasons for this. And maybe it's not so hard to understand after all.

It's a question that may come up as we watch kitty video from the comfort of our home. We have no idea of how many cats are on the streets, of course. But we've witnessed enough cat footage to make up our own minds. Some cats even do it when they're sleeping on a human's lap. Some do it even on a pillow on the floor. And some just like to cover their eyes from time to time.

So why?

Why the Secret Eyes of Cats?

Well, because they just do. A lot of the time, of course, it's perfectly innocent.

There's nothing wrong with blinking your eyes, after all. But cats don't like to be bothered. In fact, they can't stand it.

They like their personal space. You know how they do this? By keeping their eyes closed as they sleep.

There are some good reasons for this. It's not a coincidence that they choose to sleep with their eyes closed.

Like the 'coy eyes' of some birds, it's a form of 'mating behaviour', in which the two animals check to see if they have been mistaken for one another by a predator.

A lot of cats are territorial, after all. Like to show off. They do this by moving around their sleeping place, from time to time, to see if they have been detected by a predator. That's where this 'coyness' comes in. If they see they're not under threat, they'll stay put.

And it's a form of protection for the cat too.

It's not only the threat of predators that they are protecting themselves against. Cats have to be extremely careful about getting sprayed in the eyes by water, or any other form of water. It's very painful and very dangerous, if untreated.

And it's the same for them about their feet. One of the main reasons for keeping them dry is the same as their eyes. Some prey species, like frogs, fish, and even amphibians, get a really painful sting when their legs are stepped on, which is why they are kept underwater.

So cats keep their legs and their eyes dry because they don't want to get sprayed in them.

Why is the Cat Eyeball so Small?

That's right. In the cat's eyes, it's just a tiny, teeny, tiny, eye.


Well, in the cat's eyes, you see, the image of light they receive is incredibly magnified.

There's a thing in your eye that helps with that, and it's what's called a lens. It's more transparent than water and it focuses the image onto a membrane called the retina.

Now, as with any camera, you have to have a lot of light to get a good picture. So, naturally, cat's eyes are set up for bright light. And that's where the 'big, round' eyes come from.

So much so, that they say, "a cat is a camera with nine lives!" - for the eyes, that is.

What about a Cat's Sense of Hearing?

Now, cats use sound, just as humans do, but, unlike humans, their hearing is just fine for very low frequencies. That is to say, sounds that are too high for the human ear to hear.

They get around that by actually moving their ears, which gives them an extra range of high-frequency sounds that human ears can't hear.

Why do cats jump off of furniture when they hear thunder?

It's not a bad idea. Humans can get a real startle when hearing thunder. Just as cats can when they hear the low rumbling growl of the storm, they know it's coming.

What do cat owners need to remember about their cat's natural behavior?

Never discipline your cat in anger.

Cat's are very vulnerable to the negative effects of the very human tendency to 'pick on the weak'.

Just like a child with an upset tummy would feel, an adult cat is also vulnerable to negative effects when he/she has been punished for doing something he/she did not want to do.

Don't be so harsh or cruel that it causes a stress reaction, that can last for the rest of your cat's life.

It may just take a few days for your cat to stop doing something he/she had not wanted to do.

For long term behavior modification, it's best to try the old fashioned, soft methods of reward.

Don't be afraid to go to the cat's comfort zone.

There are many ways of rewarding your cat, from a scratch behind the ears to a good tummy rub, and from a nice tasty meal to just simply a little extra attention, and the like.

Cats, like people, are curious creatures.

They want to know what is going on, so if you are planning to do something a bit unusual with your cat, let them know. You can do this by using the cat's name, or by whispering, using your hand on their back, or even by placing your hand in front of their face.

Cats are also very sensitive to mood.

When the cat is happy, he/she may do something as simple as rub your leg, even if it is with a paw. When your cat is happy and loving he/she usually seeks attention and love from you, his/her owner.

Remember that cats are very intelligent and when they sense that you are not happy with them, they will seek out a way to fix it.

If you plan to reward your cat with food, make sure that you have a bowl of food, your cat's favourite treat, at the ready.

Cats love to feel and be loved, so by letting your cat know you want to have some fun with him/her, he/she will be more than happy to join in the fun.

Cats do not get mad or upset when you throw food, but it will certainly look as though they do. So, don't expect them to sit still.

Cats have their own way of communicating with us.

Cats use their own special way of communicating with us to let us know what is on their mind, when they are happy and when they are sad, and much more. The best way to learn to read your cat is to simply observe your cat's body language and see what signals he/she is giving.

Cats can express a great deal through their body language. When your cat looks at you with his/her eyes and ears wide open, they are saying "I am happy" and when he/she closes his/her eyes and turns his/her face away, he/she is saying, "I am sad". When your cat is lying down, it can mean many things, including:

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